2020 Rustiqué Chardonnay

On the nose you’ll be met with bright tones of crisp green apple, golden pear, white flower pedals and caramelized spices from the new oak influence. The fruit driven palate expresses notes of green apple, meyer lemon, golden pair along with honeydew melon and toasted oak.

2019 Rustiqué Pinot Noir

Bright tones of strawberry and black cherry, candied red fruit, and rose petals. The palate is filled with structured red fruits, pretty earthy notes, bright berries, spice, cola and a desired elongated and structured finish.

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In the tasting room we're currently serving the 2019 chardonnay, the 2018 chardonnay, the 2018 pinot noir, the 2017 pinot noir, and the 2016 pinot noir. Dive into the tasting notes for our entire Library by clicking the button below.

A sense of place.

Rustiqué is a family owned and operated estate winery established in 2006. Made with the grapes from Silacci Vineyards, we are dedicated to learning from the land and evolving alongside it to make high quality pinot noir and chardonnay. Our tasting room is located in Monterey County in the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range.

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The Story of the Land

It’s a bloodright. This land only gets passed down or sold to family — and that’s how Silacci Vineyards came to be. We planted these vineyards when it was our turn to be shepherds of the land, and Rustiqué is our first label to encompass what we believe is the best expression of our home.

A Memoir for Rusti

Rustiqué is named after our mother, wife, and first teacher — Rusti. She was who taught us to respect the land, instilled the core values of what it means to be a part of an ecosystem, and showed us that the environment we live in is bigger than the individual. We dedicate this craft to her every year to commemorate her life and continue her legacy in our community.